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Empowerment through knowledge

About Gyanalok :

Gyanalok aims to empower people through knowledge. We believe that many of the persisting social and economic problems of the nation can be addressed through proper dissemination of information and education to the people at grass root level. Therefore, we seek to build capacity of the people in remote villages of the country by disseminating the useful information on the education opportunities, health care, importance of proper sanitation, government schemes for poor people etc. Education can be a panacea for many social ills. We want to facilitate education for the merit-cum-needy students by supporting the expenditure of their education. We wish to reinstate the faith that government funded schools can provide quality education to masses with the constructive community participation. While realizing the merits of modern education we also recognize the value of traditional knowledge on diverse aspects. We want to preserve the traditional knowledge on health care, biodiversity conservation, organic agricultural practice and so on. We believe that the social progress can be achieved only through the rise of masses from the bottom.

Mission :

GYANALOK has the Mission to educate, sensitize, organize, enable and empower people and work for achievement of sustainable development goals for the development of all specially by dealing with the issues of poor, needy, backward and marginalized section of the society.

Vision :

GYANALOK envisages all round development of society, along with equality and justice through proper education, health, pristine environment and social inclusion.

Guided by Commitment

A Team of Professionals

Account Details of Gyanalok Trust
A/c No.- 41779223823
IFS Code: SBIN0010127
SBI, Sailashree Vihar, BBSR, Odisha

Chairman's Message

We have formed a Trust namely ‘Gyanalok Trust’ to Empower People through Knowledge. The core objectives of Gyanalok is to create education awareness and support for the education of needy. Additionally, Gyanalok also focuses on health, environment, livelihood and other important aspect of sustainable development goals.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sahoo

Our Collaborators :

National Association of Professional Social Workers in India

Dept. of Social Work, D.D.C.E, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Kalahandi University, Bhawanipatna, Odisha









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